Information for Guild Volunteering's 2018 Program Directors' Course

About Guild Volunteering

Guild Volunteering build a culture of Volunteering and Community engagement at the University of Western Australia. Students are able to discover or develop volunteering opportunities on campus and in the local community. Guild Volunteering establish sustainable relationships with community organisations to connect and navigate students to suitable and meaningful opportunities.

About the 2018 Program Directors' Course

Guild Volunteering’s Program Director’s Course will give you the skills you need to lead your own volunteer program! You’ll partner with a local Community Organisation to develop a program or take over an existing program that involves UWA student volunteers, for the duration of 2018.

The Program Directors Course is Guild Volunteering’s most distinguished leadership opportunity. You’ll develop skills in non-for-profit leadership, volunteer management and coordination, communication, promotion and much more. You will strengthen your network and make real change in the community. The 2018 Program Directors Course aims to continue and improve existing programs by focusing on sustaining and maintaining stability of programs within the community organisations. Alternatively UWA students have the ability to build their own program.

The Program Directors Course is a full-year program with a two-day intensive component (usually held in late February). Guild Volunteering pair with Volunteering WA to offer fundamental training principles to guide Program Directors through their responsibilities. The course includes opportunities for networking and shared experiences to establish a community of learning.

As a Program Director, you’ll have the ongoing support of Guild Volunteering. You’ll have the opportunity to be involved in leadership positions at Guild Volunteering’s key events and have access to Guild Volunteering’s resources to run campaigns and initiatives.

The course covers...

Day 1

What it means to be a leader in not-for-profit sector. We will look at the theory of change and hear some real life examples from students who have delivered successful programs. We’ll round out the day exploring your personal passions, motivators and the impact that student driven programs can have on the community.

Day 2

The focus will shift towards how to practically turn what we want to accomplish in the world in to a real program. This will involve learning about relationship management, creating campaigns, retaining volunteers, and transcript recognition.

Application Details

All roles can be found on the Guild Volunteering website under ‘Volunteer’ and ‘Guild Volunteering’. These will be advertised towards the end of 2017. Interviews may be in person or over the phone as we understand it is in the middle of the 2018 Summer Break and students may not be able to attend a face-to-face interview.

For more information please email enquiries to or visit Guild Volunteering.