PROSH 2018 will be on Wednesday 21st March and will be celebrating its 87th year!

In 1931 the UWA Student Guild decided to replace some defunct Graduation Day events with a procession, stunts and skit show. To commemorate the event the Guild asked some students to edit a satirical newspaper which they threw together at the last minute and called Sruss Sruss. Unfortunately not everyone has an ‘Undergraduate’ sense of humour and the Sunday Times labelled the paper “filth and trash” a few weeks later. Those involved were required to donate to a Children’s Hospital and from then on PROSH had a moral justification for all its craziness. While no one is quite sure where the name ‘Sruss Sruss’ comes from, the name 'PROSH' derives its name from 'procession'. While PROSH is no longer allowed to have a street parade through the Perth city streets, the spirit of PROSH lives on as a walking parade starting in Forest Place and running through William, Hay, Barrack and Murray streets.

PROSH is an entirely student driven initiative, with students from all faculties donating their time to promote and organise the event as well as write and design a 20+ page newspaper of satirical content. Thousands of students from The University of Western Australia hit the streets of Perth on PROSH day, rattling tins and handing out papers in exchange for donations. All profits are donated to a group of charities chosen each year that support the WA community - over the last 84 years, over 1 Million dollars has been raised!